• Dec 01

    Tips on Replacing an Oven Heating Element

    You have got a serious problem. You promised your daughter to bake cupcakes for her class or a cake for the charity sweet sale. You have already found the necessary recipe and even bought the ingredients, but was astonished with the fact that your oven doesn't heat. What can be done in such a situation? Of course, you have no desire to run to the store to purchase a new oven. Don't get disappointed too early, there is a way out. You can replace the oven heating element. You may choose o wait for your oven to heat up enough but that can require really much time. You risk to leave your family without dinner so start the repairing process right now.

    If you have got an electric oven the oven heating element in it is represented by a curved tube with a wire. The latter is heated with the help of electricity. In turn, the heat delivered throughout the oven. In almost all electric ovens a baking element is located on the bottom, while a broiling element on top. You can easily replace both elements.

    Replacing the oven heating element in is really an easy task to do. It has to be emphasized that replacing the element in the oven is very often easier than replacing it on the range top. Everything you'll need for this procedure is several simple tools including a nut driver, a Philips head screwdriver and the properly chosen replacement part. The whole repairing process will take you no more than twenty minutes, but be very attentive while choosing the right oven heating element from the store.

    The first thing you'll need to do is learning the name of the manufacturer of the element you currently have in your oven. It will be also useful to know its model or number. This information is usually printed on the tag from the inside of the bottom drawer. If you can find it, just remove the old element and bring it to the store with you. Getting to the store match up the numbers on the element's packaging. You can always ask for a sales person's help who will gladly help you in finding the right part.

    The other place for buying a new oven heating element is online. find a reputable website selling this kind of products and order the replacement you need. Ordering the part via the Internet will require you to wait for the delivery.

    When you have the replacement and are ready to start the project, turn off the electrical power at the breaker box. The oven has to be unplugged. Don't consider this to be a silly recommendation since the oven isn't working. The unit should cool completely, only then you can remove the baking racks. This will offer you more to that you have plenty of room to work.

    After that the screws that secure the heating element to the oven have to be carefully removed. These are usually hex screws and can be removed with the help of a nut driver. The element may be secured also with Philips head screws. Then slide the heating element out some four-five inches away from the oven's back.

    Remove the screws that hold the wires to the prongs on the oven heating element. A clothespin should be attached to the end of every wire. It will simplify locating and reaching the wire when reconnecting. Ensure that the wires are properly attached for you to reattach them in the same way.

    Now it's high time to install a new oven heating element. For this, the terminals should be slid back through the holes in the mounting bracket. Then refasten the wires. Have the wires attached in the same way they were before. Then have the wires rethreaded back into the holes. Ensure to line up the oven heating element with the bracket and to secure this part to the oven's back wall.

    Switch on the power and have the oven plugged back in and the breaker - turned back on. Check up how the oven works now. You can feel a little smoke when the new element starts heating up, it's ok. Start baking a a cake for your family now!