• Dec 14

    How to Install a Screen Door

    The modern market offers a wide range of different types, designs, styles and even shapes of doors. Screen doors are some of the most exclusive doors for you to consider. These doors have many advantages. For example, due to these doors you can simply enjoy warm weather days. You can just sit on your comfortable sofa with a cup of tea and admire the beautiful sunset… Isn't it marvelous? If you would like the fresh warm air enter your house in the most pleasant manner then you ought to choose this type of doors.

    In fact, screen doors are considered to be secondary exterior doors which can be installed over your back or front doors. They can be produced from different materials, including wood, metal, vinyl, etc. No matter what material they are made of, all of screen doors share a screen area that looks like a window screen on the upper half of the door. a number of these doors also have screen panels on the lower half of the door.

    So, if you are almost convinced that you need to get this type of door for your home as well, start shopping for it right now. Undoubtedly, the best place for shopping is the Internet that offers a great collection of these high quality products. Buying the door you like you need to install it. This do-it-yourself project is not difficult so it can be accomplished on your own. How to install a screen door you will learn from the following steps:

    Instructions on screen door installation

    • First of all, you'll need to measure the height and width of the inside of the opening of the door you want to fit with a screen door. it can be done with a tape measure.
    • Don't be in a hurry buying a screen door, but at first ensure that you have taken the necessary measurements correctly. The screen door should be as close to your door opening's measurements as possible. You may need to trim a screen door to fit properly. If you have purchased a somewhat wider screen door, you may cut equal amounts from each side. Then you can get to installing it.
    • Further, surface mounted hinges need to be screwed in into the door frame. It's highly recommended to use minimum three hinges in the door frame to install the screen door on. If there are no pre-drilled holes in the door frame, you may need to drill pilot holes.
    • Next, pilot holes should be drill in the door for hinges. Ensure that the door hinges line up to those in the door frame. Further the screws and hinges should be screwed in. Fasten the handle to the door. the same should be done with the door latches which need to be properly attached to the frame.
    • Raise the screen door and locate it in the door frame, check up whether it fits properly. If necessary, you can remove it to cut for a better fit. It's important to mention that you may need someone's help when placing the screen door in the frame. In this way, one person has to hold the door while the other fastens the door to the frame.
    • It's advised to install the pneumatic or hydraulic closers that usually came with the screen door. They may have chain stops or springs to keep the door from shutting.
    • Finally ensure that your screen door opens and closes in a proper way that is with ease. Make the necessary adjustments.

    You need to pay attention to the next tips and warnings. If you live in the area with too frosty winters, you might consider getting a combination screen/storm door. It gives an opportunity to switch out a screen panel for glass in winter. Remember to use safety goggles dealing with electric saws.