• May 06

    Bully Kutta Temperament and Lifespan

    Bully Kutta (English Bully Kutta.) or Pakistani Mastiff is a breed of dog native to Pakistan, regions of Sindh and Punjab. At home, they are used as guard and fighting dogs. Word Bully comes from "bohli" which in Hindi means wrinkled and Kutta - dog.

    According to one theory, this breed originated by interbreeding of Mastiffs of Indo-Pakistan with dogs of the fighting breeds imported from England. Since dogs are imported from England, they were of different breeds, and the Bully Kutta has several types of the breed as well (source: dewmakerdesign.com/college-ave-student-loans-reviews.html). The average lifespan of these dogs is 11-13 years.

    How Much Does a Bully Kutta Cost and Price Range

    The price range for Bully Kutta is from $ 900 to $1500. The price includes such factors as the breeder and the dog quality. Your location also matters while buying the dog. The main factor which influences its price is that it is rare nowadays.

    Bully Kutta Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

    Like other mastiffs, Bully is very massive and is valued as a fighting dog. When these dogs were hunters and guards, they were larger in size. To add agility and endurance, breeders reduced the height at the withers from 90 cm up to 71-85 cm, weight up to 64-95 kg.

    The head is large, with a broad skull and muzzle, the length of which is half the length of the head. Small, erect ears are located high on the head and give it a square shape. The eyes are small, deep-set and attentive.

    The coat is short, but a double. The guard hair is hard and thick, tight to the body. The undercoat is short, dense. Color can be any, as breeders do not give attention to the exterior by focusing only on the qualities of working dogs.

    Bully Kutta Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

    Bully Kutta - it is very large, territorial, aggressive dog. It is dangerous not only because of the size and strength, but also because of the desire to kill other animals. For the average citizen, who doesn't want to participate in clandestine dog fights and if you don't have a valuable suburban real estate, you don't need this breed as they can't be just friendly home pets.

    The breed's reputation is fierce and bloodthirsty, territorial and aggressive. They do not get along with other dogs and can kill them in fights for territory and supremacy in the pack. They are not safe for other animals. The aggressive nature makes them undesirable in homes where there are children. This is not a breed that can be teased and children who do this risk their lives.